Outpouring of recent thoughts

I haven’t written any blog posts for a while. I was desperate to share something but felt like I simply had nothing to share. Now I think I have realised why, I am only brave enough to share from the place of victory, but not from a place of trial. So here I am writing from victory.

I am a very impatient person, constantly wanting to be on the move and do something, it is hard for me to stay still and just listen or wait, and a lot of the time that is a problem. I am desperate to ‘do’ something for God but not to just ‘be’ with God…my heart wants action without coming to the Father first, it wants to run onto the spiritual battlefield without putting on the full armour of God first. But the Father is wise and patient and He didn’t force this lesson on me until I was ready for it, He simply held me back and made me wonder what I’m doing wrong.

Thank You Father.

Now looking back from the place of spiritual awakening I have finally encountered, I’m glad He didn’t use me in the ways I wanted, before meditating with Him first. Only now have I realised that a lot of my motivations were selfish and for my own gain or glorification, even though I tried to hide it from my own understanding as much as I could. I see now that I wanted to be used by God, at times, predominantly to feel important, not to feel bored or depressed, and probably to see myself as better than others, worshiping my impatience and hypocrisy. What a deceit of self-validation.

You can’t pour out from an empty jar.

Becoming a mother, I believe, has shaped me and continually ‘trimms’ me to come closer to God and to run to Him first, about everything. My first few month of motherhood were difficult and filled with insecurity, having no idea what I’m doing, especially at the sight of enormous responsibility and blessing of raising a new person. I can’t describe the love I have for my little girl, and the fear that comes with it. Slowly, running to the Father about every little thing became my priority. Motherhood brings me so much joy, probably the most joyful calling I’ve had so far. I am beyond honoured that God has entrusted me and Adam to be parents and to raise His beautiful creation, lead her in the way she should go, teach her about Him and how to bless His name. Being a mother helps me grow and discipline myself, gain patience, understanding, love and focus on God. It is truly such a blessing, never have I imagined it being so precious.

I think my recent spiritual awakening started with facing my own vulnerability and admitting my imperfections, without being defencive or hostile, instead purposefully admitting everything to God and leaving it at His feet, being ‘undone’ in His presence without fear of being rejected. I was able to do that by the example of someone else, whose public vulnerability and raw honesty has greately impressed me. I found podcasts and meditations from Strahan and felt led to listen…God has greately blessed me through Strahan’s ministry (‘Commoners Communion’). What impressed and inspired me the most was how open and vulnerable he allowed himself to be about the years of trouble and trials he is enduring. There is something so special about openness and vulnerability, it requires enormous amount of bravery, trust in God and His defence, lack of fear of men. There’s something so pure and childlike about it. I think it is a human trait I admire the most. Having a baby daughter, who cant help but be vulnerable and ‘real’ about everything and rely on me and Adam for most things, helps me understand and appreciate it even better.

It is so easy to overlook and neglect a hardened heart and not realise how world-like and luke warm it can become. Until someone’s pure and raw love for God shines through, tearing down the veil and setting a new sparkle of the fire of God inside, awakening the heart to it’s Christ-likeness and reminding to leave the dead self behind and actively be the ‘new creation’ He has saved you to be.

Be encouraged because your light can wake someone up to the truth of God, someone like me. Only something real can overcome something fake, only raw love can burn down the ugliness of indifference. God can bring wholeness to His children through the outpouring of your pain through your testimony and honesty. God can save and bring prodigals home through your zelous love for Him and people, through your heart-felt sharing of trials and suffering from your walk with God. You don’t know how much difference your ministry makes for the Kingdom of God and for the body of Christ. You don’t know how much glory your pure heart-felt prayer life can bring to the Father. Your sonship and honest worship are His joy and His delight. Don’t ever be discouraged in following after Christ, even when it seems slow and fruitless. Be faithful and don’t doubt His love, He can bring true beauty from ashes. Only in heaven will we see the fruit of our labour, but here on earth, with trials and temptations, don’t be discouraged, be the light and shine as bright as you can. He sees the unseen and rewards the hidden. He loves you, child, and He is there to catch you when you fall and put you back on your feet. Run to Him.

Also, don’t hold back when God leads you to share encouragement for people, don’t hesitate sharing your prayers and concerns for them. Your words can bring a tonne of strength to a weary and discouraged soul that feels forgotten. Be courageous in following after Christ, always.

Thank you Father for your love for me, thank you for Your edification and your patience. I have learnt my lesson, thank You for blessing me, using me and setting a fire in my heart again. Thank You for leading me to the place of thankfulness. I don’t want to be luke-warm, Lord. I want to want You more and to love You more and to lead others to thirst for You more. Don’t let me become hardened, Lord. Let my closest friend be Your Holy Spirit, and let in never change. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


Friend’s story: UPDATE


Rikiki has recently completed a 6 month DTS “Spirit and Fire” in YWAM Wrexham. He has been involved with several local ministries and has been growing and maturing in the gifts God gave him. After the DTS, Rikiki moved back to America but heard God calling him to come back to UK, specifically YWAM Derby and serve the Lord there. Rikiki needs a monthly sum of £425 provided for him to be able to come and serve God in Derby. God is faithful and we believe and pray that His will be done. If you feel the Lord wants you to support Rikiki, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with him and/or donate to him:

Email and PayPal: sportsam88@gmail.com

Phone number: +13072877576

Also if you have Amazon Prime you could donate $3 a month to Rikiki for free, as he is twitch.tv affiliate (follow this link for guidance how to do that: https://youtu.be/r45wpOezy9I)

Soon there also will be Gofundme page through which you would be able to donate.

Please keep Rikiki in your prayers so He follows where the Lord leads him and don’t hesitate to reach out to him.

God bless!

Please find Rikiki’s full testimony below:

My name is Rikiki and here is my story.
I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 25th of December 1994. I have always thought I was unplanned, an accident child…a “party baby”. I spent most of my childhood in Southern California. I and my siblings were homeschooled, our parents sometimes took us to church, but it was never a regular thing. When I was around 10 years old, my father lost his job. It was a very well-paying job, the downfall of which was that it involved a lot of traveling and he would spend barely any time with us at home. Consequently, I have never been able to have a real relationship with my dad.
We moved to Wyoming and had to live with our uncle until we could get a house. My dad got another job in about a year’s time and we finally moved into our new home. When I started a new school, I struggled to make friends, I didn’t know how to interact with other children. But at the end of primary school, everyone wanted to be my friend, I became a “cool kid”.
After a year, my dad decided to leave his new job and work for the company his friend had just started. This ended up being a big mistake, my dad lost a lot of money and couldn’t financially support a family of 6 anymore, so my mom had to work more. This had weakened our family, we stopped talking to each other and seeing each other around.
I broke my leg at the end of 7th grade and ended up being bed bound for 8 months. None of my “friends” had ever visited me, my girlfriend broke up with me. I didn’t have any friends who cared about me, I didn’t have a proper relationship with anyone in my family, I felt completely alone, unable to do anything. My family didn’t really want to support me and help me, spend time with me. They got angry and irritated when I asked for help, even when I was just asking for a glass of water. I became isolated. When I turned 12 I became very depressed, I started having suicidal thoughts every day as I was lying in bed and I didn’t understand that having suicidal thoughts wasn’t normal.
We used to have a babysitter who looked after us when we went to the pool. She was the nicest person I knew, she brought us burritos. When we told her that something’s wrong with the pool, she would always rush to us with burritos. The year I broke my leg she killed herself.
Thinking that the nicest person I knew would kill herself just like that, I decided that I should kill myself next. I started planning a suicide, but there was one thing that kept me from taking my own life – I kept remembering when I felt loved by my mom, I was only 9, and it was the only time I have ever felt loved by anyone in my family. She used to tell me that she loved me more than there were stars in the sky, deeper than the oceans and wider than the valleys.
As time went by, I became very overweight and even more depressed. I started noticing stretch marks all over my body caused by putting on a lot of weight in a very short amount of time – another reason for me to be self-conscious. My homeschooling didn’t work out and I had to go back to school. In school no-one remembered me nor recognized me, I was replaced in every friend group and every sports team. I felt like a nobody. This brought me to a whole new level of total depression and isolation. This time it wasn’t only me isolating myself, but everyone else isolating and ignoring me too. At that time, I didn’t have any adult influence in my life, no-one wanted to invest in me, everyone completely gave up on me.
I didn’t have any real friends, so I started trying to find comfort and acceptance in other things. I started relying on music, video games, and female attention. Soon I discovered drugs and alcohol. I barely graduated High school because I missed most of the classes while being very drunk or high. I barely remember High School, my memory of it is very blurry. But I remember some events that happened with clarity: in Junior year I became addicted to painkillers; I also became a part of a Fight club where I got my face smashed so bad that I needed to have reconstructive face surgery. A year before that I had an emergency appendix surgery and a shoulder surgery just a week later. I put on even more weight and had a 1.5-year phase in my life when I had only eaten doughnuts – I don’t know how I am still alive.
When I was 17 I moved out of my parents’ house because my dad was treating me with cruelty and I started living with my friend. I slept on his couch and his family were very nice to me, I wished they could have adopted me. On the week I moved out I also got kicked out of the wrestling team and my car broke down. I was in a pretty bad state.
I became friends with Satanists at school, their behavior and practices truly intrigued me. I saw them do weird things, I saw them interact with demons…I never became a Satanist myself, but was drawn into this kind of spirituality. I started seeking spirituality through demonic forces and various religions.
Halfway through Junior year I had a compulsive suicide attempt. I took a mix of painkillers, sleeping tablets, and other pills. To my surprise, I woke up, I was feeling very sick and high…wondering why I was still alive.
I started selling drugs and got into a lot of trouble, I was facing 35+ years in prison. I lost all hope for the future…But 2 days later I got a message from the father of the person I sold drugs to, saying: “I feel like you deserve a second chance.” So, I just carried on doing what I was doing before, the same lifestyle. I had no idea that was God protecting me and looking after me through it all.
After barely graduating I got arrested and got a DUI (Driving drunk). Luckily, they had only noted down “alcohol” on my ticket and didn’t write about the drugs I had on me. For about 3 more years I was addicted to drugs and had suffered from severe depression.
In 2016 I was still lonely and had no real friends. I started working at Walmart and was very successful in my career. It was planned for me to be sent to Alaska and become a manager. Thinking about my depression, I didn’t think Alaska would be the best place for me to move to. I kept feeling like I had more potential in life than just to have a generic corporate job. So, I quit my career and started living off my savings, I decided to become a self-produced entrepreneur. I started working with electronics and made a 3D printer and also made fidget spinners. While still feeling like I wanted something more in life, I dropped everything and focused on starting a new business. I wanted to make a safe hangout place for kids, to reach out to kids that were going through the same things I was, were facing the same situations and circumstances as me. I wanted to focus on kids who indulged themselves in video games and had no friends, faced loneliness. I spent a year working on this plan and looking for people who I could partner with, I was looking for opportunities. I started meeting with Young Life leaders (Youth Ministry) to promote their camps, I knew how fun and good those were for kids. I was met with a lot of enthusiasm from Young Life leaders and was shortly asked if I would like to become a leader.
I became the worst leader ever, I wasn’t a good role model for children. I wasn’t there for leadership, I was there for business and this attitude made all the difference. As time went by, I became close with one of the leaders. She was amazing, like the mother I have always wanted. She loved me, she cared for me, she wanted me to be happy. When I asked her how she was always so happy and friendly, she explained that it wasn’t because of her, but because she actually had God’s love inside her. I didn’t totally understand what she meant but I really wanted to experience it. So, I gave my life to Jesus on the 20th of April 2017.
My life instantly became better, even though I remained lonely and depressed, I knew that everything was about to change. I got an opportunity to work in a Youth Camp in July, on the coast of Oregon. It was a 5-minute walk from the beach, and I just thought: “Who wouldn’t love that?”, so I decided to go. There I saw God work and move for the first time in my life very clearly. I couldn’t exactly tell what God was doing, but I just knew He was there. I got baptized in the ocean, at midnight, with big cold waves crashing against me.
Unfortunately, I was still suicidal, I didn’t know that having those thoughts wasn’t normal. So, I started planning another suicide. I poured out 170+ painkillers into my hand, I was so close to taking them…I planned out how to kill myself so no-one would find my body. Whilst following my plan I started getting very scared. On the same night as my planned suicide, we were having a Carnival game night at the camp, so everyone was praying for it. I broke down and opened up to a lady and she prayed for me. She took my burdens and my problems, she took my suicide and prayed against them, she destroyed them with the sword of the Spirit, silencing Satan in prayer, in Jesus name. I had been suicidal for 12 years, and after that night I was never suicidal again.
So instead of building a business, I started building a ministry, to be led by God and reach out to lost children. I knew God would use me for that purpose.
I started working at a Day Care, where I was earning just over minimum wage. I longed to invest the money into my ministry to buy games, prizes and Christmas gifts for kids. Shortly I started running out of my savings money that I earned while working at Walmart. The lady who prayed for me in the camp invited me to go to “Awaken the Dawn” – 5-day 24/7 Worship and Praise festival, with 50 tents – one for each State. I really wanted to go, so after booking the flight and the tickets, I completely run out of money.
One week before my flight I got a call from my mom, who told me that she and dad are getting a divorce and the main reason for that was me. I went back to self-harming, became very isolated and detached. When I arrived to “Awaken the Dawn” I was far from God, I closed myself off to Him, I didn’t want to be there anymore. But I stayed.
I felt like I wanted to deprive myself of sleep, this was my way of taking the burdens of other people who were affected by hurricanes, I called it “sleep fast”. Overall, I didn’t sleep for 3 days. On the first day of my fast, someone came up to me at 2 am and asked me to lead a prayer meeting. I really didn’t want to do that, but when I actually agreed to it, God had totally opened my heart to Himself. On the next day of my fast I met a very passionate Christian, he was radical in his faith and had a very personal and special relationship with Jesus. Someone had brought us lunch and said they felt like I should talk to this person, so I did. I was really enjoying our conversation, I got very interested and asked him a lot of questions. God brought me a huge revelation through him, I had finally realized that God wants to have a personal intimate relationship with me, talk to me and that I could hear and recognize His voice. From then on, I started hearing God clearly. Then God did something very sweet and bizarre, I found a note that had “Thank you” written on it and also had my phone number written on the back. For me, it was as if God was saying “Thank you for finally answering my calling”.
The next day I started meeting a lot of different important people. I was hearing God speak to me very clearly, wherever I went. I started being truly led by Jesus and was praying for people a lot. I was called to come into the Wyoming tent, so I just sat down to worship there. Then suddenly a lady came up to me and asked where I was from when she heard that I was from Wyoming, she told me that someone needed to pray for me, so I followed her. 6 people started praying for me and telling me about the Holy Spirit. It was the first time I heard about Him, I never before knew anything about being baptized in the Holy Spirit, but now I knew I was truly being born again, born of the Spirit of God. I felt drenched in prayers and full of the Spirit. One of the ladies told me I needed to get some sleep, gave me money for the food and somebody else brought me keys to the hotel room. God had truly provided a nice hotel room for me, I had a really good rest.
I spent the next day getting to know God better, being led by the Holy Spirit, meeting people and speaking God’s truth into their lives. God led me to an empty tent so I stepped in and started praying…a moment after I stepped in, people came up to me and started telling me about a miracle: they saw a Bible that started leaking oil. I wasn’t comfortable with that, I thought it was very weird, I never heard anything like that before. But people of God who surrounded me had peace, so I felt there was nothing to worry about, God was with me. I was prayed for and anointed with the oil.
I was called back into the Wyoming tent and saw a blind man who was speaking to and praying for people. He prayed over everyone in the tent but me, as I was watching from the back. Before he left someone grabbed him and lead him to pray for me. He started saying something that I had always wished I heard my father say to me…he laid his hands on me and kept repeating: “I am proud of you son” – I knew that was my Father God speaking to me through him. Then he continued: “I have put you through the finest of fires and you have not said a word. You will receive a dream of a wave of fire falling upon you and you will wake up shaking with the new faith. Your next assignment is to go to the top right of Wyoming to the bottom left in a backward L shape.” I didn’t understand what that meant but I believed this message was from God. I wrote it down, started thinking and praying about it, talked to people about it, trying to understand.
It was raining heavily the next day, I found a shelter and watched everyone worship from afar. God instructed me to step into the rain…I love the rain, so I was happy to do that. Then He asked me to take my sweatshirt off, and then to go and worship with everyone else. It was raining really heavily and walking under this pouring rain with God made me feel more alive than ever.
The Lord started giving me visions and specific words for different people. I spoke to people, prayed and worshiped with them for hours. God kept putting more and more people before me to talk to about Him and things He told me.
So that’s how I finally started living, living the true life. God deserves the highest praise, He saved me and delivered me from the depth of darkness into His glorious light.
When I returned home I started telling everyone about what had happened and what God had done. Then for the first time, I heard God’s voice audibly…it was as if He was sitting with me in the car. He said to me: “Go to the guest point in Cheyenne and declare My name”, so I obeyed. And I continued declaring His name. For another 2 months, I was being sent daily by Him to different places and to different people, He led me on prayer walks and instructed me to give out food to certain people.

In the beginning of December, I found YWAM Wales based in Wrexham UK, with DTS called “Spirit and Fire”, which is a 6-month Discipleship training course that is divided into 2 parts: lecture phase and outreach phase (mission trips to Serbia and Croatia). God spoke to me about it and said that He wanted me to do this DTS.

Now, after the DTS has finished, I am back to America, but now I feel God is calling me to serve Him in YWAM Derby in England. For that I need £425 a month in donations.

I know God will provide me with all I need. I long to listen to Him daily, grow in my relationship with Him and to be bold, obedient and courageous when He sends me out to do His mission.

I also want to introduce my personal ministry, it is called “Kn00b L33g”, it is a video game ministry, focused on reaching out to children for Christ while spending time with them and playing video games together, getting to know each other. I want kids to feel like they are a part of something, a part of a team, that they belong somewhere.

Please, could you pray for me and, if God leads you to, help me financially too. If the Lord leads you to invest in me and my spiritual growth, my walk with Christ, and you would obey, I would be eternally grateful for that.

My personal email address and PayPal is: sportsam88@gmail.com
Please let me know if you would like to hear any updates from me.
I thank you for the time you took to read my story, for your prayers and for your generosity.
Lots of love in Christ and God bless,

Please check out Rikiki’s personal blog where he will be posting news and updates from his life and walk with God: https://heirofire.wordpress.com

If Rikiki’s story moved your heart, please be welcome to get in touch with him and encourage him, he will be very grateful for that. Also, please pray for him and if the Lord leads you to speak to him, please do. Please obey the Holy Spirit if He leads you to help Rikiki in any way in His journey with the Lord, whether it is by being his friend, by praying for him or by providing financial support…or in any other way the Lord leads.

Jesus loves you,


The beauty of Christ in my life

Hello everyone,
My name is Katia, I love God with my everything, and I love you, whoever you are!
I am going to introduce you to who I was before I have encountered the love of God, and to who I am now.
Here is my story.
I was raised as an atheist, though I was sometimes talking to God, but I was never sure if God was listening to me, or if He even was there.
In my teenage years, I became very twisted. I think then I was at the worst point in my life. My main focus became popularity in my friend groups, boys, alcohol, nightlife, and money. Soon I was very disappointed and depressed…I would have “fun” in the daytime, but every night I would cry because I was so unhappy. Having evaluated what the world says should make a person happy, I understood that I have it all and that I want to end my life because I feel so empty and meaningless. This feeling just grew and slowly I was becoming more desperate.
I got accepted to International Christian University in Ukraine, where I was planning to study business. At that time Christianity only annoyed me, and I was hoping that the name of the University didn’t really mean anything. My parents liked the university because the lessons were taught in English, and as well my cousin, Anton, having studied there many years ago, really enjoyed it.
It felt like “Christianity” was following me everywhere and I was trying to escape. Like for example, at around the same time as I was excepted to the University, my best friend, Imen, became a born-again Christian, and wouldn’t keep quiet about Jesus…that annoyed me so much then.
My first Christianity lecture in the University wasn’t anywhere near what I was expecting. I was expecting to see an orthodox priest dressed in robes with a massive cross in his hand…instead, I saw Steve. Steve is a very cool theologian from New Zeland. What shocked me at the time, was that before giving His life to Christ, Steve was a Satanist. I couldn’t believe that God could change someone’s life that much! But the evidence was just in front of me. Whenever Steve spoke about his life with God or read some verses from the Bible, I felt weird. Sometimes I had goosebumps, sometimes I felt like crying.
After a while of thinking, questioning my beliefs, and feeling hopeless at where I was, I came to the conclusion that I want to know God, and if He is actually there, He is my only hope.
So I came home and spoke to God, asking Him to come into my life and change it, if He is there. And He did.
I felt His presence, but I found it quite hard to believe straight away. I felt the spiritual battle in me very strongly.
I had a dream, in this dream, I was walking through a weird dry place, and there was someone who was scaring me from every angle, though I just walked straight. I ended up on the high hill, and this someone told me that he would give me all the world if I would follow him, but I replied “No, I will follow Jesus!”, and God took me and saved me.
When I woke up, it didn’t feel like I was asleep, it felt too real. And I definitely knew that the decision I made in that dream was very real and important.
After that, everything changed. I felt like I was given new everything…birds singing sounded so fresh and beautiful, like never before…every leaf on every tree looked so unique and wonderful. I was filled with so much love…I have never been loved like that before.And I love God so much! God’s love is so indescribable and overflowing! I was given purpose, hope, joy, new life…I started loving people, just everyone I see. Everyone is so unique, and they all are craving for that love I just found, it is the only love that can heal, complete and overfill! I couldn’t help it but tell people about Jesus! How could I say that I love them if I don’t tell them about Love Himself? We love because He loved us first. Real freedom can be found in Christ alone!
God led me to read the Bible (which I find so fascinating!) and to go to church…soon I visited a Christian Camp, where I have decided that I want my life to be completely and fully devoted to God, in everything I do and everything I am, I want Him to be glorified. On my 18th birthday, I was baptised.
Soon after, God led me to study at Glyndwr University in the UK. I was very excited for what God has planned and got involved in the Christian Union. God told me to eagerly pray for one of the boys from the Christian Union, whose name I didn’t even remember. Then God told me that I need to talk to him soon. This boy’s name was Adam, he wasn’t a Christian, though his desire to know God was growing stronger. Soon we became best friends, and would hang out every day, talking for hours about God. Few weeks later Adam was born-again, God saved Him! That was so beautiful and amazing to see him encountering the love of God, and finally having the true life!
Soon both I and Adam became leaders in the Christian Union, and God was doing a lot of beautiful things and saving many people.
Now we are married (that is so amazing, God’s plan is so beautiful!God is absolutely awesome!).
God is so good, I pray that we are always burning for Him, never burning out, always loving God and people, and never shy away from shining God’s love, light, and truth to all creation.
Jesus loves you so much, He laid His life for you, so you may have eternal life! And He resurrected on the third day, He is alive! Jesus is the Lord! He said: “Come to me all of you who are weary and burdened by life, and I will give you life.” (Mat 11:28) He has invited you to come to Him and be filled and comforted…come whoever you are, and be loved by Love Himself!

God bless!

Half Way (update): UCCF Staff Worker Fundraising

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has already partnered with us in prayer and financially! We couldn’t have ever got to this point without your help and support! God is truly so faithful and we are amazed at his provision!

Where we’re at

We are currently in the middle of our fundraising journey, before I (Adam) could start working with UCCF. And we’ve raised a bit over half the amount we need for me to be eligible to start. So we are on track, but need to pray and keep on fundraising to get all the support we need in time.

The next few weeks will be very critical and decisive for us. We trust God for His provision and praying for people’s kindness, generosity and willingness to support us financially and in prayer, to be able to start the adventure of student ministry.

We have 7 weeks remaining to raise all the funds. Any amount of monthly financial support, even as little as £5 a month, makes a world of difference for us. It is also possible to give one off donations. Your support means so much to us and we can’t express in fullness how grateful we are.

I’m not going to lie, this time of fundraising has been very stressful for us so far. We have never needed to rely on God and people in this way before and we feel vulnerable as we take this step of faith. But God is very faithful and we believe He will provide for us all our needs, according to His will and for His glory.

If God looks after sparrows and lillies and knows the number of hair on our heads, surely He will look after us. (Matthew 6:26-34).

Partnering with us (UK)

Would you please consider partnering with us, and with God Himself, in the work of the Gospel? And invest your worldly wealth in something that will last for eternity, becoming a partner in the extraordinary work God is doing in the lives of students?

You can support us by donating through this link:


Supporting us from another country

It’s easiest to give gifts from international accounts through IFES:

To set up a regular gift from a USD or EUR account please go to:


Then go to ‘Staff Worker’, and click ‘Enter name and country of service’

Then put ‘Adam Butterworth – UCCF Great Britain’ in the free text box. (Adam’s name wouldn’t appear in the search lift yet so it needs to be added manually.)

You can also give one off gifts through IFES, or straight through UCCF website.

Gifts via IFES can take 6-8 weeks to get through. If people can message me or Adam or email UCCF with what you plan to give then it can be added as a pledged gift before.

My work with UCCF

This August I’m staring work with UCCF – a charity which seeks to give every student in Great Britain an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel. This is done through training and equipping student-led Christian Unions (known as CUs) to reach other students for Christ. My role as a Staff Worker will be working alongside the CUs in Chester and Liverpool Hope Universities and I will be helping them by providing training and support, and mentoring key leaders. Many students grow immensely in their faith and in their confidence for evangelism during their time at university and Staff Workers are a key part in this. Over the years UCCF has seen thousands of students coming to faith through the witness of the CUs and I am really excited to see what God will do in and through Chester and Liverpool Hope CUs in the coming years. As a charity UCCF relies on donations from supporters. I need to build up a support base of prayer and financial partners and would be extremely grateful if you would consider supporting me.

Why I choose UCCF

When I started studying in Glyndwr Uni, I wasn’t yet a born again Christian, but through CU friends and Katia, I came to know Christ personally. I made friends for life in CU, met my wife Katia, met some great Relay Workers and met my amazing Staff Worker, John Perry, who is still one of the people in my life I look up to most.

My Staff Worker had been a huge blessing and source of wisdom and support in my student years, God really used him to grow my faith and inspire me to get to know Jesus more. I served my CU first as Worship Leader and than as President. And by the end of my time at Uni I knew that my heart burns to carry on serving God through working with students, leading them closer to Jesus and helping CUs.

I want to be a vessel of God’s blessing and guidance for students in CU, I want to have eternal impact on their lives for the glory of God, like my Staff Worker had on my life. I want to see Jesus glorified and worshiped in Universities, I want to see Jesus change people’s lives forever and I want to play my part faithfully and effectively. And with your ongoing support I would be able to.

Below are some pictures from our little but fiery Glyndwr CU (2013-2016) 🙂

And our wedding picture with CU friends!

If you’d like to get in contact to catch up and chat about this further:

Мy number is 07716733180

And my email address is adamjbutterworth@live.com

Many blessings,

Adam and Katia

Adam – New UCCF Staff Worker for Liverpool and Chester

Hi, my name is Adam Butterworth, I am very excited to share that I will be a new UCCF Staff Worker for Chester and Liverpool! But I can’t do it without your help!

This is me.
And this is my wife and our children.

The years I spent studying at university were some of the best of my life, I arrived with an idea of what it was to live away from home for the first time, but it was nothing like had expected. The Christian Union did several evangelistic events during freshers’ week and through my interactions with them was deeply challenged. To me Jesus was always more of an idea, but by spending time with the Christian Union, I saw he was clearly somebody who was at the heart of their university life: the students lived their lives in worship to him. Whoever this Jesus was, I knew I had to get to know him! Over the next few months and I began to understand the beauty of God’s grace and began to see Jesus as the Lord of my life.

Through the discipleship that my UCCF Staff Worker gave me, the resources and training from UCCF and the fellowship of the CU had the joy of being a part of several my friends coming to faith in Christ. am proof that Christian Union’s work in bringing people to know Christ and play huge parts in their discipleship which is why I’m so passionate about the work that God is doing in our universities and nobody is better placed than the Christian Union’s to make Jesus known throughout them.

Now I am delighted to have an amazing opportunity to serve the Christian Union’s at Chester and Liverpool Hope as a Staff Worker. I am looking forward to helping to encourage, envision and equip these young men and women to see the kingdom of God extended across their campuses.

My responsibilities include:

– Supporting CUs to be mission teams by motivating, enabling and training them.

– Acting as a catalyst for evangelism and Christian growth.

– Working closely with key students in the CU to encourage and develop them as disciples of Christ.

– Helping CUs feel part of the wider UCCF family.

– Developing relationships with local Christians.

UCCF Christian Unions

Christian Unions (CUs) exist to give every student in the opportunity to hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus. United around and committed to proclaiming the truths of the Gospel, CUs are all about sharing Jesus in creative, engaging and persuasive ways.

Staff Workers play a vital role in supporting, training and equipping students as they make disciples of Jesus Christ in the student world. Each Staff Worker is expected to raise as much as they can towards their role; the more their support partners can contribute, the more sustainable their ministry will be.

Supporting our family

We are very excited about our new opportunity to serve God in Chester and Liverpool. And I would love for you to partner with me by giving me financial support and joining me in prayer so that many would hear the Good News of Jesus and have their lives changed forever. I’d love to hear from you!

You can support me and my family by donating through this link: www.uccf.org.uk/give/adam-butterworth

Giving from international accounts (Non UK)

To set up a regular gift from an international account please follow this link:


Than go to ‘Staff Worker’, and then click ‘Enter their name and country of service’, please put
‘Adam Butterworth – UCCF Great Britain’ in the free text box.

You can also give one off gifts through IFES, or straight through  UCCF website.

Gifts via IFES can take 6-8 weeks to get through. Could you please email the amount you plan to give so then it can be added to my fundraising spreadsheet as a pledged gift.

Any support would bless us so much!

Get in touch

If you would like to meet me in person and go for a coffee/talk on zoom to discuss this, please get in contact! I would love to meet for a chat and answer any questions! 

My phone number is:

And my email address is: adamjbutterworth@live.com

Thank you so much!
Many blessings,

Adam Butterworth

“I’m really thankful that Adam is working with us to support the CUs in Liverpool and Chester. We are confident that he will continue have a great impact on the CUs as he encourages them in their mission to make Christ known in the student world. Thank you for considering how you can support Adam as he works in this role. Your partnership will be a huge encouragement to him and to all at UCCF.” – Richard Cunningham UCCF Director

Inspired to write

I just felt like I should start writing, and God will provide with the content…so here it is. God is very loving and very patient with us. He is patient about our disobedience, our disbelief, our distraction, our impatience, our ideas and dreams that we wont let Him intervene with because we struggle to trust Him. He is patient and loving, His love for us is so deep and so clean that we can’t even comprehend it, its incomparable to anything in this world, it’s too deep and too real for us to understand…but we know it and feel it when we come to Him and he saves us. From then on we belong to the Lord and Saviour of the Universe. God is such a loving Father, no earthly father could compare. He is such a gentle and loving friend, His faithfulness and trustworthiness are incredible, we could always rely on Him, He already knows us from the inside out and loves just the same, He never lets down. The Lord is such a selfless Saviour…unless Jesus gave his life for us – there was no way for us to be saved. So He did, He cleansed us with His blood and welcomed us into His Kingdom of eternal glory. When we were dirty and unwanted, He accepted us, when no-one cared, He called us the children of God. Another amazing thing is that even though He loves us and accepts us just as we come, we don’t have to (and can’t really) sort ourselves out before coming to God, He loves us too much to let us carry on destroying ourselves and each other through the old ways of life. So He leads us to repentance, the Holy Spirit gently and firmly convicts us of our sin, and He changes us so we are never the same again. He puts a new heart in us, He exchanges our heart of stone with a heart of love. He makes all things new and gives us so many gifts and blessings, to shine this amazing hope to people who are still lost…and to build up those who are already found. To be like a lighthouse in the midst of a dark raging sea, to be like Christ. He was and is and is yet to come. And He is coming back unexpectedly, when no-one is looking out for Him, like a thief in the night. Those who serve Him will be separated from those who decided not to serve Him. He is going to take His people Home, Home that He built for us. There will be no more tears and no more death. There we will be so close to Him, looking at Him face to face, knowing His precense in full. Now we know in part, but than we will know in fullness what it is like to love and live eternally for God. It will be amazing.


2016-2017 term year has been quite a difficult one for me. I definitely haven’t foreseen the intensity of a conversion course to law, when I applied to do it. Even though I am really glad I did it, I would be even gladder when it’s over.
I had some awesome times with God, definitely grew in obedience to Him and in trusting Him with the future more. The walks to and from uni were the best time of the day for me, I had 40 minutes (one way) of one-to-one time with God, time of prayer, worship, and intimacy with the Maker of the Universe, walking along the beautiful river with different birds around. Crazy to think that without the Lord breathing life into it all, nothing would be alive.
It was a real blessing to have another Christian on the course with me, such an encouragement! But even though the Lord has built me up and gave me strength every morning, it wasn’t long until I grew very weary, timid, weak and stressed. Hiding behind the excuse of “I’m tired and have too much work” I have put myself first and led myself to sin many times, prioritizing my own feelings, comfort, and importance before everyone else’s…I had fallen into the habit of trying to carry the burden of life by my own strength and only turning to Jesus for help when I made an absolute mess and would find myself in big trouble if it doesn’t get sorted out. Through this year I wasn’t always a very good wife to my husband and a very good friend to my friends.
But God is good, and He cares for His children always. In the year full of instability, deadlines, changes, busyness, and worry, Jesus remained a strong rock, the Unchanging one, the Light in the darkness that the darkness can not overcome, the One who is brighter than the sun, the Word of truth. Whenever I finally turned my eyes to Jesus (most commonly in despair), He picked up my mess and made something beautiful out of it. I had multiple opportunities to share the gospel, invest my time into people…He put people on my heart to regularly pray for and lift up to Him, showed me that He can use me to shine His glorious love onto people even when I feel so worn out and unusable. Isn’t God just amazing?
Even with His amazing blessings and mercies, I remained tired, even after spending a week in Spain with the family my tiredness and disinterest in what is going on around me didn’t change much. And only today in church my spirit was shaken up and refreshed in Christ.
Wales is experiencing a wonderful change of atmosphere right now, many churches all around the country are uniting together to reach out to the lost and shine the light of God. This is called “Mission to Wales”, and I want to encourage everyone here to get involved in evangelism, follow ups and prayer! As we just came back from the holiday, we haven’t been a part of it yet, but we are going to very soon!
Here is the story that someone from my church (Alan) has shared today about the last week’s evangelism on the streets of Wrexham:
The Lord has told Alan to speak to a person who was sitting on his own on the bench in the town center and eating a bread stick. When Alan approached this person, he introduced himself and told him that God loves him and has a plan for his life…which has brought the person to tears. He had bags on the bench with him and shared that he was kicked out of his parent’s house and now is homeless. Out of sadness and total despair he had planned to finish his last meal- the breadsticks, and after that commit a suicide. When speaking to Alan, he was asking many questions and eventually was filled with hope and love of God. He gave his life to Jesus and shared his contact details so the church could get in touch with him for the follow-up.
Isn’t that absolutely glorious? If he wasn’t reached out to, he would have killed himself, but now he isn’t only alive, but has the new beautiful and eternal life in the Lord Jesus Christ!
God has melted my heart through this testimony. This was such an encouragement and reminder to me that we are the light that shouldn’t be hidden, the salt of the world that must have its taste. We are the body of Christ, He is the head of the body and He has called us to walk in obedience and love. Let this be an encouragement and a reminder to you too.
Through this testimony, God has taught me afresh how important it is to live out every single moment of my life as who He made me be, a new creation, on fire for Jesus- my first love…in fear and adoration of my wonderous King and Saviour, shining His light and hope, outpouring His love and walking in total obedience wherever He leads me and whoever I face.
We don’t know who God puts around us and in front of us…those people may be lost, broken, dying or wishing to die. We carry the ultimate hope, the one and only truth, the amazing Love that can heal, complete and save the lost, for our God is Love. We, as the followers of Jesus, carry the message that can point people to the one true God, the one who calls the lost to come to Him and have life, He transforms the hearts. The only hope, the only truth, the only love, the only life. Jesus died on the cross and rose again, offering the gift of salvation to everyone, He calls us to proclaim the good news to all nations.
Our burning hearts for Jesus and every breath made for Him, could not only lead the lost to see the light of God but also encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ, who may be going through trials, struggling, or getting tangled up in the things of the world, to lift their eyes and see the glory of Jesus afresh and get reminded of His love for them and their love for Him.
Be a sparkle for all those God puts around you, you never know whose life God will save through you, whose heart He could set on fire through you, whose eyes will be fixed on Him through you, who would receive new hope through you, who would know God’s love through you, who would be encouraged by God through you. It is such an honor to be a child of God, to be a part of His family and to be a part of the wonders He is doing, His amazing plan. Let’s live every moment in adoration and obedience of the One who has set us free from sin and death, He wants to bring deliverance to people through us.
God showed us real love on the cross, so lets really love Him and one another with radical, bold and selfless love.
Rest in the Lord’s presence, worship Him in Spirit and truth, talk to the One your heart belongs to. There is so much freedom in His presence. Sometimes we don’t realize how far we’ve gone from God until we come into His presence and have our hearts softened by His beauty ones more. How merciful He is…always faithful, always loving, always with His arms wide open to receive and refresh us, so patient. It is all about God, He is the center, He is the meaning, all glory and victory belong to Him.
Don’t underestimate the power of testimony and encouragement, God can use them so amazingly to deliver somebody from a dark place. Let the Holy Spirit guide you and lead you, listen to what He sais and let Him speak through you, don’t quench Him. Surrender everything to God and let Him use you and everything you have for His glory. He is worth it all and more. Be bold, your God is with you, you are never alone, His purposes are good and He loves you more than you could ever imagine.
I pray the Lord would encourage and bless you through what He has led me to write here and that your heart and all your life would be sold out for the One true King who is worth all the praise, and who is coming again.
Yours in Christ,

street of hope

Hope and comfort from the Lord

This blog post is a bit different from my usual posts, it is rather a prayer that the Lord has laid upon my heart, than a story. But first, here is a bit of the background.

Today in church we had a “creative service”, there were a few “creative zones”, where people could go and express their love to Jesus and hear from Him in different ways. We had: worship zone, craft zone, message zone, and quiet zone…I always love “creative services” very much. Today the Lord spoke to me very clearly that He wants me to go to the quiet zone, spend some special one-to-one time with Him, read where He leads me in the Bible and lift people up in prayer. I wrote down the prayer He has laid upon my heart, but didn’t share it in the church.
Later on today I went on a walk to the park with God. It was a very special walk with my King, He awakened my heart once again from the busyness of everyday life and focus of man-maid treasures and creations to the beauty of His presence, the uniqueness of His creation and His never-ending love for us. On the walk, the Lord made it very clear to me that what I wrote today wasn’t for me alone, that He would speak to people through it and I shouldn’t keep it hidden.
I feel like God is “expanding” my heart, my love for Him and people is growing, and my heart is overflowing with empathy and compassion for those who are facing dark and difficult times right now.
We have great hope in Jesus Christ, He is our refuge and strength, our everlasting help in trouble (Psalm 46:1). The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into Him and are safe (Proverbs 18:10).

So here is the prayer for me and for you:
“Lord God, You are so wonderful, so powerful and so merciful. Let Your presence be known to us, let Your living water overflow our souls, Your holy power gives us strength to stand against sin and darkness in our lives and in the world.
Your light shines, brings peace and guidance with every step we take, Your light shines through Your people, brings healing and new life. You awaken the souls of the lost and weary, You love without measure and You teach holiness.
How great You are Lord God, how beautiful is Your touch…let the light of Your face shine on us Lord God, let us see Your glory, let us have more of the Holy Spirit…
Please, Lord, bring healing to those who are crying out to you, let Your presence be known to them and Your comfort silence the darkness and despair. Let their souls rejoice in Your presence and have new hope from You Lord. Let every breath they take become lighter and easier, let them know the beauty of Your salvation anew, the breath of Your Spirit…what a wonderful promise we have in You Lord God. You are so good to us Jesus, You died so we could live, You gave us the Holy Spirit so we won’t be like the sheep without guidance and belonging. Lord God You father us so gently and generously, Your love for us is so deep…no one can fully comprehend Your beauty. I pray Lord God that we wouldn’t live in slavery anymore, as You have set us free…teach us to live in Your love, power, and freedom. Let us know that You carry our burdens and fight our battles, that Your mercies are new every morning, and that nothing can separate us from Your love.
Amen. ❤ ”

This beautiful song was on my heart while I was writing:

I hope this encourages you, builds you up and motivates you to cling to Christ, from whom all blessings flow. God loves you very much, He is with you and you are never alone in your struggles.

Yours in Christ,


New house! Praise the Lord <3

God is good.
Today we have finally moved into a new house, the house that we feel God has led us to move into. After such a long struggle of searching for a place, having only 2 weeks to sort everything out, and then having trouble and multiple delays with needed documents, we have finally moved in!
God is such a good God, the only true God. Such a loving and caring Daddy… He has provided for us once again. Through every struggle, through every storm, He is always there going through it all with us, loving us and holding us. The Bible tells us not to worry about anything but pray about everything. Even though sometimes it is so hard not to fear and worry- we need to set our mind on things above and not below. His perfect love casts out all fear!
We are ready to spread God’s love and make Him known in our new neighbourhood! So far, the neighbours we’ve met were nice, our landlords are very lovely, and we have received so much help from our family and so many friends have been praying for us! We are so thankful! God is so beautiful, and makes everything beautiful! His will is awesome and He makes all things work together for the good of those who love him.We put our trust in You alone our amazing Redeemer!
I want to encourage everyone who is going through some tough times now, who doesn’t see the way out of their current difficulty, or who is slowly loosing hope…you are not alone, you are never alone. God is with you, He loves you and cares for you so much! Turn to Him, whatever you are going through, He is the God Almighty, He holds the whole world in His hands, and He is the only one who can help you and fill you up. Talk to Him, don’t hesitate to pour out your heart to Him…He is listening to you, you are His beloved. Turn to Jesus and find your hope in Him…He is waiting for you, He loves you, He is faithful…God delivers!

Yours in Christ,

new house us

Fashion and Individuality


  Fashion is: 1) a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair style, decoration, or behavior; 2) a manner of doing something.

  Fashion is a tricky thing isn’t it? It changes so quickly and it repeats itself so much through time. New colour theme, new jeans style, new hair style and makeup style…though is it really new? From season to season a lot of people follow the style set by fashion, buying top trending clothes and trying to look like models of the time…therefore it makes everyone who follows it look kind of the same.

  There is a dilemma: everyone seems to want to be fashionable, but at the same time it seems like everyone wants to look unique. Common strive to be uncommon.

  People identify themselves by how they look, and everyone wants to be identified as attractive, special and interesting. People want to be loved and liked. Celebrities and models are identified as liked, attractive and cool, why not try to look like them?

  Though if we want to be and look special, why is everyone trying to look the same? Maybe because people don’t think that they are special unless they look and behave like someone else, maybe because people don’t understand that they are special for who they are.

  No person in the world is the same, everyone is unique. Bible in Psalm 139:13-14 sais that each one of us has been fearfully and wonderfully made. People are different, but it is a good thing! We should complement each other’s differences and encourage one another in love, leading each other to the truth.

  A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.(John 13:34)

  Now, this is the message to you, reader: Be you, because you are unique. God made you very wonderfully, whoever you are! You don’t have to try and fit in to be loved, you don’t have to be identified by the way you look, and you don’t have to try and be or look like someone else! You are loved for who you are, you are unique because of who you are, God of the whole universe loves you more than you could ever imagine! If you give it all to God, your identity is safe in Him.

Please comment and share! I would love to know what you think! J
God bless!

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